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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


When is a "construction halt" not a construction halt?

When it "occurs" in occupied East Jerusalem, of course. This morning's news brings the headline
Israel halts east Jerusalem building
Now to begin with, when you read the article, you'll learn (in the final paragraph!) that this alleged halt has not exactly been proclaimed in public:
Word of a de facto freeze on East Jerusalem construction came from municipal officials and a construction executive.
But let's accept the word of these people for a moment. What are they talking about, exactly? Why, a "quiet halting of East Jerusalem housing approvals." In other words, a halt of handing out permits for future building, not of actual building as the headline implies. This is kind of like saying I'm going on a diet next month. I might, and then again, before next month I might change my mind.

Do let us know when an actual halt of not only actual construction but also eviction and demolition of Palestinian homes in the area, will you, media? Until then, don't bother us.

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