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Thursday, April 15, 2010


Don't cha wish your movement was hot like "Tea"?

TV news this morning features repeated promos for Tea Party rallies coming up this afternoon. The front page of the San Jose Mercury News features two pictures and an article covering about 50% of the page profiling Tea Party activists, and listing all the details of this afternoon's San Jose rally. Inside the paper are an article from the New York Times about a poll asking "who are the Tea Party supporters?" (conservative Republicans, duh), and another article about Sarah Palin speaking at a Tea Party rally in Boston.

Don't cha wish the antiwar movement was hot like Tea? (Two words for those who don't get this cultural allusion: Nicole Scherzinger)

The Times article says 18% of Americans "identify themselves as Tea Party supporters." Meanwhile, two days ago in Long Beach, CA, a socialist (and not a "British Labor Party socialist" or a "French Socialist Party socialist" but a real socialist, campaigning as such) got 16.2% of the vote for Mayor. Coverage in the national media? Zero.

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