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Monday, March 22, 2010


The cost of the military is more than the cost of Iraq and Afghanistan

When talking about "money for education, health care, mass transit, etc and not for war," it's easy to focus on the most dramatic (and to many people, most unnecessary) expenses - the wars and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. But U.S. military expenses go far beyond that. Far beyond. As an example:
Lockheed Martin's F-35 jet fighter, the Pentagon's most expensive program, has risen about 62 percent in cost and is four years behind schedule, according to Pentagon documents and new data.

Production of the airplane by the Bethesda-based firm was projected to cost an estimated $143 billion for 2,852 aircraft in 2002.

The Defense Department now says it will cost as much as $232 billion for 2,443 aircraft when calculated in 2002 dollars, according to figures released Friday.

Development and testing, originally scheduled to be finished in March 2012, won't be done until April 2016, the documents say.
The "main enemy" of the U.S. who we're told "threaten our way of life" is a rag-tag bunch of fighters whose main weapon is IEDs, akin basically to land mines. They barely seem to have even RPGs any more, much less any kind of weapons which can shoot down aircraft. And against this "enemy," the U.S. is spending a quarter of a trillion dollars to develop a new generation of aircraft, which won't even be deployed for another six years.

Meanwhile, roads, mass transit systems, and schools and colleges (just to name a few of the more prominent problems) all over the country are deteriorating and badly in need of investment.

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