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Monday, February 08, 2010


"Their prayers were answered"

If there's one thing that repulses me about religious people, it's when they claim, as one can read and hear over and over today, that their "prayers were answered." In this case, it's the New Orleans Saints:
"The Saints are a team that travels with nuns and priests in their owner's entourage, and after years of horrible football and terrible tragedy in New Orleans, the city's prayers were answered at long last."
Really? Why weren't they answered last year? Or the year before that? Or anytime in the last 43 years? I mean come on, nuns and priests on your side praying for you and it takes 43 years before you win?

Claims like this are akin to rolling the dice 43 times, and when "snake eyes" finally turns up, claiming your "prayers were answered."

I don't know anything about football, other than that I read the Saints were the underdogs, but I'm 100% sure that their victory had nothing to do with prayer, and one heck of lot to do with the emotion and spirit that the players were imbued with by their association with that battered city. Plus talent and luck.

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