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Monday, February 01, 2010


Israeli "justice"

It's a two-for-one sale today. First, in order to stave off a (highly unlikely) referral to the International Criminal Court as a result of the Goldstone Commission's report on Israel's Gaza atrocities, Israel has completed an "investigation" into the events of a year ago and concluded that two officers were guilty of "misjudgment" when they shelled a UN compound packed with civilians (and a warehouse of food) with white phosphorous. Justice has been done, though; an "official reprimand" has been placed in their files.

And second, Israel has absolved itself of any guilt in the murder of brutal assault on Tristan Anderson. The Washington Post does its best to help out the murderers attackers, "informing" its readers that the tear gas canister that hit him was "thrown." Hardly. This is the type of canister that killed hit Tristan, and it isn't "thrown" - it's shot with a rifle, because basically it's a (very) large bullet. In this case, a rifle that was pointed right at Tristan Anderson, and not at the ground as it is supposed to be.

Ah, but don't think those Israelis get off scot-free. Oh no! Why, one Israeli soldier has been prosecuted for stealing a credit card from a Palestinian house. Come to think of it, though, the article doesn't mention what his punishment was. Possibly also a "reprimand" in his file.

Update: Major error; Tristan Anderson is not dead. Corrected above.

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