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Monday, February 22, 2010


Another day, another apology, another whine

Another day, another 33 Afghan civilians down, thanks to a "mistake" of firing missiles at cars who the pilots "believed" were carrying insurgents. That's what they say, anyway. The truth is that they believed the cars might be carrying insurgents, and that was good enough for them. After all, if they might be carrying insurgents, then there's a chance they might eventually kill Americans, and, given the relative value of the lives of Americans and Afghans, better not to take the chance. So fire away. Standard U.S. policy, and, we're told, this latest "offensive" (what a good word) will produce another 12-18 months of such carnage. Oh wait, they just said the offensive will last another 12-18 months. I added the part about the carnage.

In the meantime, cue the latest "apology" from the U.S. military, and cue the latest whine from "President" Karzai. Correct me if I'm wrong, but technically speaking aren't U.S. troops now in "his" country and killing Afghans on his invitation?

If you have a problem with this, get off the computer and into the streets on March 20.

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