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Monday, January 18, 2010


Israeli imperialism and nuclear proliferation to expand; will the U.S. object?

The German and Israeli cabinets are holding a joint meeting today. This information is presumably an outgrowth of that meeting:
Ahead of a Israeli-German cabinet meeting in Berlin, media reports indicate that Israel intends to station one of its German-made Dolphin submarines in the waters of the Persian Gulf.

Israel has previously received three submarines as a donation form the government of the then German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder.

The Dolphin submarines are among the most sophisticated and capable submarines in the world, that could be equipped with nuclear missiles. Built in German shipyards for the Israel Navy, the submarine is capable of carrying American-supplied Harpoon cruise missiles equipped with nuclear warheads.
So we now have the distinct possibility of Israeli warships (submarines) equipped with nuclear weapons patrolling the Persian Gulf. Will the U.S. and the rest of what is referred to in the Western media as "world opinion" condemn this outrageous act of aggression and nuclear proliferation, an act which, although it hasn't happened yet (as far as we know), is far closer to reality than any Iranian nuclear weapons which are the subject of so much condemnation by the government and media?

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