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Sunday, December 13, 2009


Terrorists attack mosque. News Silence at 11.

A few days ago Jewish "settlers" in the West Bank burned a mosque in a Palestinian village, destroying more than 80 copies of the Koran in the mosque's library and leaving racist and terrorist graffiti including "Price tag - greetings from Effi" [i.e., this is the "price" the settlers will extract from you Palestinians because they have been "punished" by the (non-existent) settlement "freeze"] and "We will burn the lot of you" [no explanation needed there]. The event has been reported in all the Israeli media, been condemned by Prime Minister Netanyahu, and even condemned by the American Consulate General in Jerusalem.

Despite all this, however, this event has received, as far as I can tell, zero coverage in the U.S. corporate media. CNN International did run a story, British sources like BBC and The Times covered it, but in the New York Times, it was only "fit" for their "blog", not the actual newspaper (does the print edition still claim it's "All the news that's fit to print"? I haven't seen it in a while). And that the was high-point of U.S. coverage. Chances that more than 1% of the American population heard about this story? Less than 1%.

Nor is this a one-time thing. Israeli colonizers (a.k.a. "settlers") routinely uproot Palestinian olive trees. Yet the last reference I could find to such an action in the New York Times was from 2003!

All the news that's fit to print? No, all the news that fits the storyline they want you to believe. Is there any wonder Americans have different opinions about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict than even their European counterparts? It's because they see a different "reality."

Update: I should add, this actually happened a couple days ago. With the difference in time zones, I was giving the U.S. media the "benefit of the doubt" and waiting an extra day to see if anything showed up. I needn't have bothered.

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