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Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Republicans: the Democrats' best friend

With a President who can talk peace while practicing war, and Congresspeople (with a handful of exceptions) who can talk LGBT rights and women's rights while selling gays and women down the river, only the nature of the Republicans can possibly make Democrats look good. And they're giving it their best shot. Today the Republicans are in Congress, complaining about how the health insurance reform proposals are going to seriously damage Medicare. These are of course the same Republicans, or their successors, who did their best to prevent Medicare from ever coming into existence!

Then they complain about how the proposed changes are going to make old people die sooner. Have they not read the reports that 44,000 people a year are dying right now because they lack health insurance? Why is it that they're concerned with hypothetical old people in the future, and not very real people in the present?

And just now on the news, one of them was complaining that the recently issued mammogram guidelines were going to be used by insurance companies to refuse payment for mammograms until age 50, and using that complaint to indict the proposed health insurance reform bills. Does he not realize that most people are insured by those insurance companies right now, and that denial of care by insurance companies, whether using some government guidelines or guidelines of their own that they made up, is one of the major problems with the health insurance system that we have now?

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