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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


"Closing" Gitmo?

Sorry, relocating a prison is not the same as closing it. Especially when you plan to continue to hold the same prisoners indefinitely without benefit of trial (or charges, for that matter). They might as well just rename Thomson, IL as "Guantanamo by the Mississippi." Doesn't quite have the same ring as "Guantanamo Bay," but I don't think the prisoners will notice much difference.

Just for the record, and I'm hardly the first to say this, indefinite imprisonment without prospect of trial is, without any question in my mind, torture.

Update: Why I like FOX News' Shep Smith: just now, listening to him report this event, he said, repeating twice for emphasis, that the detainees being transferred were "suspects, not terrorists; suspects, not terrorists." I'll be interested to see if any other news program makes that distinction. Most politicians certainly won't. The Governor of Illinois, for example, speaking now, refers to "those who have committed crimes against our people." But, as Smith just pointed out, the detainees being transferred haven't been convicted (nor again, even charged) with any such thing.

Second update: National Security Advisor Gen. James Jones says this is going to "take away an important recruiting tool for terrorists." Does he really think terrorists are that stupid that it's the name "Guantanamo" that is the key fact, rather than the imprisonment (and torture, physical or otherwise) of those inside?

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