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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The Chutzpah Award

There are always numerous contenders for the Chutzpah Award. Barack "War is Peace" Obama accepting the Nobel "Peace" Prize was certainly a strong contender. But really, giving them a few extra bonus points since "chutzpah" is a Yiddish word anyway, shouldn't the Israelis really have long-since retired the award? I mean, what else can you think when an Israeli leader has the nerve, the temerity, the chutzpah, to call on the U.N. to sanction Iran for its nuclear activities?

Israel, which unlike Iran isn't even a signatory to the NPT. Israel, which alone amongst the world's nations (as far as we know) maintains a huge nuclear arsenal while refusing to acknowledge that open secret? Israel, which is in violation of more U.N. resolutions than you can shake a stick at, dating all the way back to 1948 and Resolution 194, and right up through its refusal to cooperate with the Goldstone Commission. Israel, whose leaders openly threaten to attack Iran.

That Israel has the chutzpah to call on the U.N. to sanction Iran, a country which is in full compliance with its obligations under the NPT.

Update: One more point on the "right of return" mentioned above. Yesterday Flashpoints played Electronic Intifada editor Ali Abunimah's keynote speech to the recent National Campus BDS Conference (an important speech well worth listening to in its entirety). Abunimah made the following point very much worth remembering, however obvious it might seem: "The Palestinian refugees are denied the right to return to their homeland for the sole reason that they're from the wrong ethnic group. That's simply unconscionable [and, I might add, racist] in the 21st century." Remember this the next time someone wants to dismiss this demand as some kind of "pie in the sky" idea.

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