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Saturday, November 28, 2009


Today's shocking news headline

Saddam was telling truth in missing Gulf War pilot

Yes, you're shocked I know. The U.S. was lying and Iraq was telling the truth. When does that ever happen? Oh, yeah, I remember.

Naturally, AP isn't going to let it go that easily. No, they have to claim that "Saddam Hussein was telling the truth, this time," [Emphasis added] and that "the Iraqis lied, but sometimes they told the truth." What exactly did they lie about? AP doesn't say, but we all know one thing it surely wasn't, and that's about their alleged possession of WMD. And now we can add another one, the U.S. claim that Scott Speicher was being secretly held prisoner in Iraq.

Will the AP ever tell us that the U.S. government "lied" about anything, using that precise word? Don't bet on it.

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