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Monday, November 09, 2009


Tip of the Day: Khalil Bendib

I've only recently discovered the work of Khalil Bendib, almost certainly the best editorial cartoonist you've never heard of (unless you've heard of him). He's got a brand-new book out, Mission Accomplished, which you can purchase from Amazon if you can't find it elsewhere.

The back cover of the book says that Bendib's editorial cartoons are distributed to "over 1700 newspapers across North America," but none of them have ever appeared in any newspapers I read. After you take a look at his work you won't be surprised. Bendib's cartoons cover material you might find someone like Tom Toles doing, like corporate greed, but other material that goes well beyond, on subjects like Palestine.

Here's his latest to give you an idea:

Discover Bendib! And, if you like his work, buy the book and spread the word!

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