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Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Scott Ritter on Afghanistan

To my surprise, listening today to Rick Sanchez on CNN (not one of my favorite people), I hear him touting Scott Ritter as "the man who got it right on Iraq" and then interviewing Ritter (here and here) talking about such things as how Gen. McChrystal needs to be fired for insubordination (for making public speeches challenging his Commander-in-Chief) and how the U.S. should stop fighting the Taliban because the Taliban are not Al Qaeda and have no interest in "fighting us over here" if we stop "fighting them over there." Was Ritter ever on CNN (or any other corporate media outlet) before the invasion of Iraq? If he was (and I'm not sure he was), it was a rare day indeed, although those of us who get our news from alternative media certainly heard him loud and clear.

Ritter makes a clear distinction (as this blog has, many times) between Al Qaeda and the Taliban, noting that "the Taliban is the legitimate outgrowth of frustration of the Afghan people over the corruption, the rape, the pillage of the warlords that thrived in Afghanistan once the Soviets left...The reality is the Taliban are closer to the Afghan people than, in many cases, Hamid Karzai, America's anointed President of Afghanistan, is."

Update: Lest I give Sanchez too many props, I add that part of his introduction claims that "Ritter was all but kicked out of [Iraq] by Saddam Hussein," repeating the old lie that the inspectors were kicked out of Iraq, rather than having left in advance of U.S. bombing.

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