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Monday, November 23, 2009


AP on Honduras

Could the Associated Press print a more one-sided and misleading article on Honduras?
"voters will choose a new president Nov. 29...No one is pushing the leftist agenda of the ousted leader, who said he was trying to lift a country where seven in 10 people are poor.
"Pushing the leftist agenda"? Who's writing this, Rush Limbaugh? Sean Hannity?
While many Hondurans want reform, they were reluctant to trust Zelaya, a wealthy rancher elected from one of the two major conservative parties.
According to the CID-Gallup Poll, Zelaya's job-approval rating dropped steadily from 2007 to just 38 percent in October 2008, though it had rebounded to 53 percent by February and has held steady around 50 percent since.
Since a certain percentage of Hondurans don't "want reform", we can conclude that a majority of those who do still approve of Zelaya. And while it's true that, in a population of millions of people, even 1% is still "many people," to call that description "misleading" would be charitable.
But beyond the first week of his ouster, he had a hard time amassing large numbers of supporters demanding his return.
There have in fact been demonstrations continuously the entire time. It's true that numbers haven't been massive, but repression (including murder of demonstrators) and the lack of serious support from the international community, most especially the U.S., surely are a significant factor.

Nowhere in the entire article does AP bother to mention that the OAS (not to mention commonsense) has declared that an election being held under a military dictatorship is null and void, and will not be recognized, nor that the left is boycotting the election. Meanwhile, Americans are further misled by the claim that "everyone from Barack Obama to Fidel Castro lined up behind ousted President Manuel Zelaya" [after the coup]. With people like Barack Obama (and Hillary Clinton and the U.S. government) "lined up behind" you, a government which I'm pretty sure never made an official declaration that a coup had actually occurred, you're in deep trouble.

And, topping it all off, AP repeats the standard canard:

His opponents said he wanted to follow in Chavez's footsteps and revise the constitution to extend his time in office. Zelaya denies any such intention.
Of course whether Zelaya denied any such intention or not is a moot point; the timeline of the votes which would have occurred had the initial non-binding referendum passed absolutely precluded any possibility such a reelection could have happened. But don't let that bother you, AP. Better to repeat the charges and just rebut them from a "denial" from the accused. It sounds more believable that way, even if it's absurd.

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