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Saturday, October 31, 2009


Misleading (but typical) Headline of the Day

In very large type at the top of Huffington Post right now:
Obama Looking To Lower Troop Levels In Afghanistan
"Wow," I thought. "Hard to believe he'd really do that, but maybe he's just putting out a trial balloon to ease pressure from those opposed to the war, to make them think he's listening to them."


President Obama has asked the Pentagon's top generals to provide him with more options for troop levels in Afghanistan, two U.S. officials said late Friday, with one adding that some of the alternatives would allow Obama to send fewer new troops than the roughly 40,000 requested by his top commander.
As with "decreases" in the military budget, we're supposed to believe that a smaller increase is actually a decrease. As if.

Out now! All out!

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