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Sunday, October 18, 2009


Health "care" story of the day

Only in America:
An Aptos mom is seeking contributions to provide around-the-clock nursing care for her terminally ill [with ALS] son because the high cost is proving difficult for the family to meet.

Formally an IT manager for Mercedes Benz North America in Palo Alto, Eric had medical insurance, but it did not cover the 24-hour nursing care required as the disease progressed.

Valor called the experience emotionally and mentally draining for her and other relatives.

"I was a mortgage broker, but I had to retire to provide care for Erik," she said.

Valor said the cost for nursing, approximately $12,500 per month, or $144,000 per year, has been paid out of equity in the couple's home, her own pocket and that of Erik's biological father Norm Valor, his stepfather Floyd Butler, and his brother Scott.

After an article in the Sentinel appeared in August of 2008 about Erik's condition, a benefit and auction were held to generate funds and raised $38,000.

However, funding to provide continued care is running out.

"The money raised was fabulous," Joan Valor said. "The benefit took care of about three-and-a-half months of care. The rest was paid by Erik's father, his brother and myself. Because of the tough economy, and so many people needing help, a friend suggested that we take a campaign nationwide and distribute fliers asking for help. There is no donation too small."

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