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Saturday, October 03, 2009


Health care: a modest proposal

A single-payer system is widely acknowledged, even by President Obama (in the past) as the most cost-efficient way to deliver quality health care to everyone, and the government even recognizes that fact when it comes to health care for veterans and seniors. But we're told that the Democrats can't/won't push for it because of conservative opposition. Hence my conservative-appeasing plan for health care:

In education, conservatives are always pushing for "vouchers." So how about a "voucher" system for health care? Start with a single-payer system. Now if you elect to "opt out" of the system, because you don't believe in "government-run" health care, the government will give you a voucher redeemable at the health insurance company of your choice with which you can buy your own health insurance.

What's the catch? Well, since that voucher will only be in the amount that the single-payer system is paying on average for each person, it won't be nearly enough to purchase a decent health care plan, leaving the "opt-outers" the option of buying a lousy plan that doesn't cover nearly as much as the government single-payer plan, or kicking in their own money so they have enough for a decent plan. And, either way, educating them that the cost of their allegedly beloved private insurance is just that - a cost.

Think I can sell it to the Democrats?

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