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Tuesday, October 20, 2009



Why is it that under a variety of circumstances ranging from rigged elections (Afghanistan), military coups (Honduras), or even close elections (Zimbabwe), Western diplomats are always pressuring other countries to form "coalition governments" or come up with some "power-sharing" deal, but when the election between George Bush and John Kerry was mathematically too close to call (the election theft having occurred primarily is preventing people from voting, not in the counting), not for one second did anyone consider such a solution?

There is an answer, of course, and I'm sure most readers know it. In the U.S., there was no need for "power-sharing" since both parties represented the ruling class and stood foresquare behind capitalism and imperialism. When it comes to other countries, such suggestions are almost always (probably always if I thought about it) put forward as a way to advance the interests of imperialism. The fact that such suggestions make a mockery of "democracy" by suggesting that the laws of the country in question can simply be ignored is of little import.

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