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Saturday, October 03, 2009


Come out of the closet!

The left is never going to get anywhere hiding in the closet. The latest issue of The Nation features an interview of Michael Moore by Naomi Klein. Klein refers to Moore's new "Capitalism: A Love Story" as "an unapologetic call for a revolt against capitalist madness." Moore talks about the essence of capitalism when he says: "Well, people want to believe that it's not the economic system that's at the core of all this. You know, it's just a few bad eggs. But the fact of the matter is that, as I said to Jay [Leno], capitalism is the legalization of this greed." And both Moore and Klein do talk about "democratically run workplaces" as their alternative. But honestly, an entire article about what is wrong with capitalism and not a single use of the word "socialism"? I don't know how Moore thinks of himself (more on that in a second), but Klein certainly speaks at socialist conferences and I'm pretty sure she would call herself a socialist. And even if Moore would not, surely the subject is worthy of discussion in an article about the evils of capitalism. If not there, where?

Back to Moore. On a recent appearance on Democracy Now!, Moore was asked by Amy Goodman (at the very end of the interview): "In a word, would you describe yourself as a socialist?" His answer:


AMY GOODMAN: We have ten seconds.

MICHAEL MOORE: I’m a heterosexual. I’m, you know—I’m—I’m—


MICHAEL MOORE: I’m overweight.

AMY GOODMAN: —five, four—


AMY GOODMAN: Michael Moore, here on Democracy Now!
Come out of the closet!!

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