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Tuesday, September 08, 2009


You just can't make this stuff up

From Ha'aretz:
Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Tuesday called a freeze in West Bank settlements a 'national necessity,' a day after he approved building permits for nearly 500 new housing units in six separate blocs.
In other news from Israel, Israeli human rights group B'Tselem has released the results of its investigations showing that the dIsraeli offensive on the Gaza Strip killed at least 773 Palestinians who had not taken part in any military activities. They then noted:
"The extremely heavy civilian casualties and the massive damage to civilian property require serious introspection on the part of Israeli society."
No, we don't need "introspection" on the part of Israelis; what we need is "extrospection" on the part of the world community, and the resolve to break the blockade of Gaza and substitute for it a blockade of Israel, until the latter comes to its senses. War crimes trials for its leaders would also be appropriate and, to put it mildly, well justified.

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