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Friday, September 11, 2009


Health Insurance Quote of the Day

"I'm not for a government run health plan. I just don't think the government is capable of running it efficiently," Catherine Shaw, a Medicare user in Audubon, N.J. said. (Source)
Hey Cathy, do me a favor. Please write the government and tell them you're giving back your Medicare coverage and that they should transfer it to me. I'm a little more concerned about going broke paying for medical care than I am about whether it's perfectly efficient. Or better yet, transfer it to one of the 46 million people who have no medical insurance at all.

By the way, as part of his quest to distance himself from the "left" and to create false equivalence between the left and the right in this debate, the President insists that a single payer system would represent "a radical shift that would disrupt the health care [sic - he means "insurance", not "care"; he still doesn't get the difference] most people currently have." As the article linked above notes, there are now 87.4 million Americans (29 percent of the population) covered by single-payer systems - Medicare, Medicaid, and military insurance. Since another 46 million (15 percent of the population) have no insurance at all, that means only 56% of the population is currently covered by private insurance. So while he's correct that "most people" have such insurance, it's hardly a huge majority.

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