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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Even the picture drips contempt

Hillary Clinton, with the contempt not to mention irony that only U.S. politicians can muster, warns Venezuela that their arms purchases are excessive and might start an "arms race" in the region. Venezuela, who hasn't fought a war against a foreign country in who knows how long (actually forever as far as I can tell), received $2.2 billion in credit from Russia to purchase weapons. Meanwhile Israel gets $3 billion in weapons given to it by the U.S. every year, which it actually uses to slaughter people, the vast majority civilians (thousands of Lebanese and Palestinians just in the last few years, and in the former case, with actual replenishment of those weapons during the shooting war).

And what are the weapons Venezuela will be buying? Surface-to-air missiles and armored vehicles. The latter presumably have multiple uses, but the former are 100% defensive weapons. And who might they be defending against? Planes ordered to attack by the Administration in which Hillary Clinton plays a vital part.

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