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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


One-sided "wars"

There are many "wars" that are so one-sided that the term "war" is really misused - "assault" or "slaughter" would be more appropriate. The recent Israeli assault on Gaza comes to mind, as does the U.S. invasion of Iraq. But here's one you probably wouldn't think of, unless you read FAIR's article on "Class War." Studying the media, as FAIR does, they find that 90 percent of the references to "class war" or "class warfare" in the media refer to actions or demands by the poor (e.g., demanding higher taxes on the rich), and only 5 percent refer to actions or demands of the rich (e.g., breaking unions). Talk about beleaguered minorities! As FAIR notes, "Going by media coverage, it is not so much a class war as it is a class massacre"...and the poor are winning! As if.

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