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Friday, July 24, 2009


General strike in Honduras

Did you know that a general strike in Honduras is now in its second day? Probably not if you read U.S. corporate media. The Washington Post has a long article about Zelaya's possible return to Honduras today; not a word about the general strike. They're one up on the New York Times, though, which managed 108 words on Zelaya's return, while making room for a 590-word article about the Honduras-U.S. soccer match.

Update: Live on Al Jazeera (and Telesur as well), President Zelaya is at the border (and very briefly entered Honduras before retreating). Continuing to expose the U.S.' true stance (and role) in the coup in Honduras, Hillary Clinton says Zelaya is "reckless" because his action (trying to cross the border) "risks provoking violence." But Zelaya came to the border unarmed, and was met with a huge contingent of the Honduran Armed Forces (emphasis on "armed"). Why didn't Clinton renounce them for provoking violence? By what right do they prevent a citizen of Honduras (much less the elected President) from re-entering the country? Not a word from Clinton against the golpistas and their arms, the real source of potential violence in the situation.

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