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Sunday, July 05, 2009


The big lie on Iran

Is AP's Ben Feller a propagator of the big lie on Iran, or has he just heard the big lie so many times he doesn't even think twice about its truth or falseness? Hard to say, but to the public, it doesn't really matter, because when they read this, not in any kind of special article but just casually thrown into the middle of an article on Obama's upcoming foreign trip, they too will internalize it just a little bit more strongly:
Iran and North Korea are defiantly pursuing nuclear weapons programs despite international penalties.
Needless to say, as mentioned here just yesterday, the head of the IAEA admits there is "no evidence" that Iran has a nuclear weapons program, much less is "defiantly pursuing" one. And the "international penalties" being imposed on Iran are being imposed because of its nuclear power program (specifically, Iran's enrichment of its own fuel), not any hypothetical nuclear weapons program.

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