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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


A tasteless poll

Which was more tasteless, David Letterman making a joke about a young woman getting "knocked up," a young woman who it so happens was in fact "knocked up" and went through a very public pregnancy (complete with official Gubernatorial press releases) as a result, or the President of the United States making not one but two jokes about Uighurs, men who were deprived of seven years of their lives under, let's be charitable, less than favorable conditions, despite the fact that virtually from the very start the U.S. government knew they were innocent men?

Incidentally, you all know the coverage the David Letterman joke has had (and continues to have). When I went to search for a link to Obama's speech and jokes, I had to eventually find the link to the original speech, because virtually all the press coverage of his appearance did not even mention his jokes at the expense of the Uighurs.

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