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Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Obama mingles with the masses

Nothing like meeting with one dictator (excuse me, "king") while on your way to the country of another dictator to deliver a speech about democracy:
Obama and Abdullah then sat together in gilded chairs, sipped cardamom-flavored Arabic coffee from small cups.

The president was to stay overnight at the king's farm outside Riyadh. Abdullah... keeps some 260 Arabian horses on its sprawling grounds in air-conditioned comfort.
Yes, that's a touch that will endear Obama to the Arab masses.

We're told that "the president was talking to Abdullah about a host of thorny problems, from Arab-Israeli peace efforts to Iran's nuclear program." I'd say a thorny and rather pressing topic would be the ongoing seige of Gaza, in which the U.S. is complicit in the ongoing starvation and murder of the Palestinian people. No doubt they too would love to live in "air-conditioned comfort" like the King's horses, but the Israeli-Egyptian-U.S. blockade which has prevented all rebuilding materials from entering Gaza since its recent destruction by Israel with U.S. weapons is rather an obstacle to that. Let's have a discussion on that "thorny topic," shall we?

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