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Monday, June 29, 2009


Coup in Honduras

There was a coup in Honduras yesterday. I've been away from a TV all weekend, so I don't know how TV has been covering it. At Huffington Post, which was "all Iran, all the time" for weeks after the Iranian election, the coup isn't even "above the fold," just one small story way down the page.

For many interesting details of what happened, read Fidel Castro's latest column, which is more of a news summary than an "op-ed." Of course we all know how in Iran, authorities allegedly tried to eliminate access to Twitter and Facebook (I say "allegedly" because if they did, it certainly didn't have any effect). In Honduras, the coup-makers used a much simpler approach to prevent news from getting out. They first closed the official TV station and then, because other stations like Telesur and Cubavision could still be seen, simply cut the electricity to the entire country.

Then there was the experience of the foreign minister, another target of the coup. She was meeting with the ambassadors of Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba after the kidnapping of the President, trying to get diplomatic protection. I'll let Fidel take it from there:

When the diplomats were already in her house, the putschist command sent Major Oceguera to put her under arrest. The diplomats stood between the woman and the officer and claimed she was under diplomatic protection and could only be moved accompanied by them. Oceguera discussed with them in a respectful fashion. A few minutes later, 12 or 15 men in uniform and covering their faces with ski masks rushed into the house. The three ambassadors embraced Patricia but the masked men using force managed to separate the Venezuelan and Nicaraguan ambassadors; Hernandez held her so strongly by one arm that the masked men dragged them both to a van and drove to an air base where they finally separated him and took her away.
The U.S. has denounced the coup. They've also denounced "continuing Israeli settlements" in Palestine. It remains to be seen if they put as much "force" (e.g., cutting off military aid) behind the former as they do they latter.

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