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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The coup in Honduras succeeds

Why do I say that? It isn't over yet, events are still unfolding. The U.N. General Assembly voted by acclamation today, in a resolution sponsored by Bolivia, Venezuela, Mexico and the United States (!), among others, that it would not recognize any government other than Zelaya's. But even if Zelaya returns to power, he has now given in on the key issue:
"I'm not going to hold a constitutional assembly," he said. "And if I'm offered the chance to stay in power, I won't. I'm going to serve my four years."
What was the U.S. role in the coup? Given the outward opposition, you'd think the answer was "none." But it's not so simple, because the U.S. (in the person of Hillary Clinton and no doubt many others) has been personally involved in "negotiations" between the coup-makers and President Zelaya before the coup (and was still promoting further "negotiations" after the coup). If the coup is reversed but manages to "tame" Zelaya, did it achieve the end that the U.S. (and the Honduran oligarchy) was after?

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