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Monday, May 04, 2009


Why are reporters so ignorant?

CNN's Jim Acosta, a Cuban-American (born in the U.S.), has been reporting from Havana. Here's how "knowledgeable" are reporters that a major U.S. news organization sends to report on Cuba and provide "insight":
He was also surprised, he added, by the Cubans' friendliness. "Nobody has said, 'Yankee go home!' Nobody has said, 'Down with America! Down with USA!'" he said. "There's none of that here. If anything, people are very friendly and they're sort of ready to throw out the welcome mat if you say that you're an American.
If this man knew anything about Cuba, either first-hand, second-hand, or even having read any other reporting, he would hardly have been "surprised" at this. Pathetic.

Acosta was also "surprised" at "the level of poverty," and attributes Cuba's desire for normalization to that. Acosta doesn't say what he's comparing that level to, though. To the suburban Atlanta neighborhood where he probably lives? Maybe he should go to pretty much any other country in Latin America, the Caribbean, or Africa. Maybe then he'd have a better point of reference to judge the state of the Cuban economy, instead of mentally comparing it to the U.S. like American reporters always do.

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