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Friday, May 29, 2009


What oh what is North Korea "up to"?

I've now heard multiple discussions on TV "news" and "analysis" shows about North Korea's motivations is carrying out bomb and missile tests. There are two and only two theories you will hear discussed. Theory one is "they want attention" (dovetailing into the "they want us to give them something in return for stopping"). Theory two is "there's a power struggle going on in North Korea." Not once have I heard a single pundit or other talking head suggest the obvious third theory - that North Korea has legitimate needs of self-defense, and is carrying out these tests as a way of making sure they are indeed prepared for that self-defense (which, as we all know, in turn actually lessens the chance they'll be attacked).

I'm not saying that the pundits have to agree with theory three. They can still subscribe to theories one or two if they like. But shouldn't they at least note the possibility that theory three might, in fact, be the correct one? Occam's razor and all that? Evidently not.

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