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Friday, May 22, 2009


What did California voters say on Tuesday?

To listen to all the media newscasters, pundits, and Governor Schwarzenegger, in the words of the latter, ""We heard the voice of the voters loud and clear, and they want us to go all-out and make those cuts." Voters, they all tell us, were resoundingly against increasing taxes to solve California's budget problems.

Really? There were three actual tax increases on the ballot on Tuesday. In Hayward, voters passed a special 5.5% utility tax to fund local services. In Concord, a $99 parcel tax to fund education failed, but only because of the undemocratic 2/3 requirement. 59% of voters supported that tax, which in a regular election would be called a "landslide." Hardly a rejection of tax increases. Only in Pacifica did a regressive 1% sales tax increase fail to get majority support for voters.

Last November, Barack Obama won a fairly decisive electoral victory. One of his major campaign issues, one that was actively discussed during debates? Increasing taxes of people making more than $200,000/year.

Do the voters reject tax increases as a solution for California's budget woes? How about putting a tax increase for people making more than $200,000/year on the ballot and we'll see about that. Aside from such a measure, I'm not voting for anything budget-related until I get a chance to vote to repeal the absurd and undemocratic rule requiring 2/3 approval for a budget.

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