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Friday, May 01, 2009


The real pandemic

Every six seconds, somewhere in the world a child dies of malnutrition.

I found this statistic in an article in Granma International, the Cuban newspaper. The story actually appeared on April 8, so the story has had plenty of time to circulate. The source is a U.N. report, so it's not as if the source were either obscure or some "Communist propaganda." If you search Google News, you will find that not a single "Western" news source has carried this story. They prefer not to dwell on stories which reflect poorly on the existing world order of capitalism, imperialism, and exploitation.

By the way, for the math challenged, that's 14,000 children every day, a number which dwarfs the number of people who will be killed by terrorism in the entire year. 5+ million children die of malnutrition every year. Just imagine how many of those could have been saved with the $3 trillion the U.S. (not counting other countries) will spend on its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (not to mention the million+ Iraqis and Afghans who would still be alive).

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