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Thursday, April 09, 2009


Threat? Or no threat?

The U.S. can't seem to make up its mind. Iran, you know, is a "huge threat" to our national security with their nuclear program. But then today there's this:
The US State Department Spokesman Robert Wood has declared that Washington is 'skeptical' about Iran's major nuclear achievements.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad inaugurated Iran's first Fuel Manufacturing Plant (FMP) in the central city of Isfahan on Thursday.

Gholam-Reza Aqazadeh, head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization also announced that some 7,000 centrifuges are now operating in the Natanz uranium enrichment facility in central Iran.

"I think we certainly could view it with skepticism," AFP quoted Wood as saying.

"Iran has in the past, you know, announced that it is -- it was running a certain number of centrifuges that didn't really pan out with regard to the IAEA's (International Atomic Energy Agency's) own estimate...so it's not clear," he added.
So they're lying about how much they're actually doing...but what they're doing is too much. Bizarre.

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