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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Quote of the Day

The news is carrying the story that Fidel Castro says that Barack Obama misinterpreted Raul Castro's recent remarks about his willingness to discuss "everything" with the U.S. As usual, you're far better off reading what Fidel actually wrote then trying to make sense of what AP says he wrote; you can do so here.

The quote of the day, contained in Fidel's "Reflection," comes not from Fidel himself, however, but from Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega. It's application to Cuba is self-evident:

"I had the opportunity to meet with President Carter, and when he told me that now, after the Somozas' tyranny had been ousted, and the Nicaraguan people had defeated the Somozas' tyranny, it was high time 'for Nicaragua to change', I said: 'No, Nicaragua does not need to change; you are the ones that need to change. Nicaragua has never invaded the United States. Nicaragua has never mined the US ports. Nicaragua has never launched a single stone against the American nation. Nicaragua has not imposed any government on the United States. You are the ones that need to change, not the Nicaraguans.'"
Couldn't have said it better myself.

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