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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Ask Hillary Clinton a question!

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is going to the Summit of the Americas, and on her way, she's holding an "online townhall" press conference. Questions from the public are being accepted here through today.

Any question is fine (e.g., Gaza, Iran, North Korea, torture, you name it), but since this is in conjunction with the Summit of the Americas, questions about Cuba (and Venezuela and Bolivia etc.) are the most appropriate. When will the U.S. obey international law and either try or extradite Luis Posada Carriles for the mid-air bombing murder of 73 people? When will they the gross injustice of imprisoning five men fighting terrorism for more than ten years, and free the Cuban Five? How can they justify the criminal blockade of Cuba, designed to inflict collective punishment on the Cuban people in violation of the Geneva Conventions? Etc.

To submit a question, go to the website today. There's a very simple form; you only have to enter your name, your country, and your question. Of course you can submit as many questions as you like! Maybe she'll even have to answer them! Or, maybe not. Haven't seen any pigs in the air lately, although the wind was pretty strong recently. Maybe I just missed them.

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