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Monday, April 13, 2009


The American "dream"

President Obama, speaking today about the effects of the stimulus package, had this to say about some of the workers who had been rehired to build roads etc.:
And some of the crews are here today, and we want to thank them, and we're proud of them, because they're making the roads safer and some of your commutes a little bit better, and at the same time they're doing what they've always done, working really hard to support their families and living out the American Dream.
What on earth does that mean? Do people in other countries dream about loafing around all day, having someone feed them grapes? Only Americans actually want to have jobs and support their families?

If Obama were being honest, he might have noted that, until they were rehired (and actually, even then), the workers were actually living the American nightmare, without work, with a shrinking and hole-filled "safety net," fearful of losing not only their jobs but also their homes, fearful they or their families would get sick and go bankrupt trying to pay the costs, seeing their kids' schools abandon arts and even sports programs because we "can't afford" them, seeing their friends and relatives forced by economic circumstances into the military and then dying in Iraq or Afghanistan for a "cause" that isn't theirs, and so on.

I have a dream too. You can guess what it involves.

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