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Monday, March 23, 2009


A humble bow to the "competition"

This blog specializes in media analysis, although it's hardly limited to that. Over the years, I've written a number of posts encouraging readers to support FAIR, which does on a professional basis what I do on a very part-time, amateur basis. Their magazine, Extra, is always worth reading.

It's only just recently come to my consciousness (I think because they started sending out emails promoting it) that, for the last six months, FAIR has also started writing a blog, with the same sorts of media analysis as their magazine but on a daily basis. Today, for example, you can learn about a Washington Post editorial which preposterously declares that "El Salvador's election was also a triumph for a system that Mr. Chávez has disregarded: liberal democracy." You can read about a New York Post headline which put "rich" in "scare quotes" when talking about people who make more than...$500,000 a year! Or you can read about how The New York Times thinks the death of civilians in Afghanistan from drone attacks is a "sore point."

Good stuff, well worth adding to your list of daily reads and/or RSS feeds. And of course, "competition" was in quotes in the title because clearly, with everything that's going down in the media and in the world, the more people taking "A leftwing view of the day's news and the way it's presented in the media," the better. There's plenty to go around.

Plus they don't do bird pictues. :-)

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