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Sunday, February 08, 2009


Nature interlude

It having finally started raining (a bit) here in California, yesterday was a good day to go see 70-ft. high Berry Creek Falls at Big Basin Redwoods State Park. After more rain it (naturally) can have more volume, but actually at lower flow the wispier appearance can be even more beautiful (click to enlarge):

Berry Creek Falls

Banana slug population was down; I only saw two the entire time. But...after years of observing banana slugs, this picture showed me not one but two features I had never noticed before:

Banana Slug

First, at the top of the picture, notice the "muscular foot" which the slug uses for propulsion. That's not always visible. And second, I've always thought of banana slugs as having two "antennae" which they use for "sight" (sensing light and darkness, not actual sight per se). It turns out they have two smaller things I don't remember noticing before (apparently called "tentacles" and not "antennae") on the bottom which are used to "smell" (i.e., sense) chemicals. Clever little buggers.

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