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Friday, February 13, 2009


Meanwhile in Gaza

I wish I had been keeping track on a day-by-day basis. Maybe someone is. All I know is, despite daily references in the press, even the left press, to the "ceasefire," there never has been a ceasefire. Attacks by Israel on Gaza, while obviously on a much lower level than they were during the recent assault, have continued on a almost daily basis, and not just attacks on inanimate objects like "tunnels" (not that there aren't people associated with them as well).

Just today, in one incident on the West Bank (note: not even Gaza):

Israeli soldiers have opened fire on stone-hurling Palestinians killing a teenager in the West Bank city of al-Khalil, medics say.

Ezzedine al-Jamal, 14, died on Friday after he was shot in the chest by Israeli soldiers.
And also today in Gaza:
Palestinian medical officials say an Israeli airstrike on Gaza has killed one man and critically wounded another.

Palestinian security officials said the men were riding a motorcycle near the town of Khan Younis when they were hit by fire from an Israeli drone.
As I said, someone should have been (and probably has been) keeping a running, daily list of these attacks. Few have made the Western corporate media, particularly the broadcast media (the print media more often has room for a paragraph somewhere on the inside pages), but they have been occurring virtually every day.

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