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Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Sorry, back to reality - another large-scale massacre in Gaza

Sorry, the news just got, if it's possible, even worse:
In what the United Nations fears could be the bloodiest single attack of the Israeli assault, as many as 60 members of the extended Samouni family were killed near their homes in the Gazan town of Zeitoun while nine more died in hospital.

Dozens of bodies are believed to remain under the rubble of a large house hit repeatedly by Israeli shelling in the incident.

Wael, 39, another survivor, said as many as 100 members of the clan crowded into his single-storey home with strict orders from the Israeli soldiers not to move.

Three teenage members of the family – Walid, Moussa and Imad – were taken away for questioning by the Israeli army while the remainder waited anxiously without adequate food or water until night fell and fighting intensified outside.

They thought they had survived the night when at 6.35am on Monday the house was suddenly hit by a shell that brought the roof down. It was then hit again and again.
I should note that, as I write this, neither Al Jazeera (with reporters in Gaza) nor Ha'aretz, a reasonably reliable source, has anything on this massacre.

Update: Ha'aretz has slightly different details, plus another episode:

In another incident on Tuesday, 13 members of the Al-Daiya family were killed when their house in Gaza City's Zeitoun neighborhood was hit by a shell or bomb. Eight other family members were missing. It is not yet clear why the house was bombed.

In another house in Zeitoun, 20 members of the Samouni family, five of them wounded, were trapped for the third day yesterday, alongside the bodies of 30 other family members killed when another IDF shell struck their house on Monday.

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