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Sunday, January 04, 2009


"We don't target civilians"

Yesterday Israel bombed a mosque in Beit Lahiya, killing 12 people (some reports say 14) including at least 6 children, and wounding many more. This attack occurred during prayer services with more than 200 people present in the mosque. Israel hasn't made any "excuses" for this particular attack, but no doubt they'll be saying that weapons were stored in the mosque. Let's suppose they were. It hardly takes great intelligence, and Israel claims they have great "intelligence," to know exactly when prayer services occur. If they wanted to just destroy stores of weapons, they could easily have done so at a time when the mosque was empty, or at least relatively empty. Attacking a mosque during prayer services is just one more piece of evidence putting the lie to the claim, which I just heard Tzipi Livni repeat on CNN, that "Israel doesn't target civilians."

Then of course there's this:

At least 34 Palestinians, most of them civilians, were killed on Sunday as Israeli shells slammed into houses and Gaza's main shopping district.

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