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Thursday, January 29, 2009


Talk is cheap

$20 billion is not. The news is filled with the fact that banks who got bailout money handed out $20 billion (! let's repeat that !) bonuses to their execs recently (i.e., after the bailouts). Both President Obama and Vice-President Biden have been on TV today, blustering about how these people should be ashamed of themselves, this is an outrage, blah blah blah.

Any talk about legislation to do something about it, either specifically (with regard to bailout bonuses) or generally (by raising taxes on the rich)? I must have missed that, although, somewhat surprisingly, Jonathan Alter was just on the Keith Olbermann show (Countdown) talking about precisely that (the former, not the latter). We'll see if that thought percolates through to actual legislators (other than, say, Dennis Kucinich).

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