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Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Some of the news wasn't fit to print

In their article today on the war in Gaza, the New York Times writes:
The death toll in Gaza reached around 660 on Wednesday, according to Palestinian health officials. The United Nations has estimated that about one-fourth of those killed were civilians, though there have been no reliable and current figures in recent days.
Readers will recognize the false nature of that second statement, which I wrote about a few days ago; the U.N. said that "at least" 25% were civilians, not that that was their "estimate" of the percentage of civilians.

But the Times is far more dishonest than that. Because the "660" figure they quote, sourced to "Palestinian health officials," is only the partial truth. Because those very same Palestinian health officials, when releasing that same statistic, also released the breakdown - 215 children and 98 women. That's 32% of the dead who are children, and another 15% women, very close to 50% without assuming that a single adult male civilian has been killed (preposterous in itself), and clearly contradicting the "one-fourth" figure they assert in the very next sentence.

Dishonesty at its worst. An intentional omission, without question.

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