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Friday, January 09, 2009


The role of Iran

Israel and its defenders in the U.S. and the West in general bring up the subject of Iran as much as possible. One reason is because the idea that either Hamas or Hezbollah, the two organizations universally (in the West) called "proxies" of Iran, are "existential" threats to Israel is simply laughable. Even if they had such designs, two organizations without tanks or planes vs. one of the most well-armed states in the world would be lucky to take over a tiny village (and wouldn't stand a chance of holding it), much less pose any kind of "existential threat." Iran doesn't pose any such threat either, but the idea that they might isn't quite as laughable, hence the need to pretend that the "real" enemy is Iran and that what Israel is doing in Gaza (and before that in Lebanon) is really aimed at stopping Iran (in some unspecified way).

No doubt it's true that Iran is aiding Hamas and Hezbollah with support, whether financial or military. But why are they doing that? Because Hamas and Hezbollah are "doing Iran's bidding," as we are basically led to believe? Hardly. They are doing so out of solidarity, because the cause of resisting Israeli aggression is a just cause. What interest would Iran have, for example, in the current war between (I use those last two words "war" and "between" advisedly) Hamas and Israel? None is the answer, and Hamas and Hezbollah are no more Israel's "proxies" than Cuba was ever a "proxy" for the Soviet Union.

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