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Thursday, January 29, 2009


Obama: international law doesn't apply to U.S.

Also known as the "Bush doctrine" (Sarah Palin, please pay attention). He said it during the campaign, so it's hardly a surprise, but still it's worth noting the repetition now, albeit from the mouth of his Press Secretary:
"The President believes that we must use all elements of our national power to protect our interest as it relates to Iran."
Which is to say, we reserve the right to attack Iran, even with nuclear weapons, even if it neither attacked us nor Israel for that matter. And, just to make that clearer, Gibbs adds:
"That includes -- as the President talked about in the campaign -- diplomacy where possible."
Nice of him to mention diplomacy, but there are two other things that are part of "all elements of our national power" which are also "included." One is economic warfare, which is already being conducted, and the other is military warfare.

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