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Friday, January 02, 2009


The jail doors are open...as long as you were "just visiting"

How thoroughly magnanimous:
Israel...opened its border with Gaza to allow nearly 300 Palestinians with foreign passports to flee.

Many of the evacuees were foreign-born women married to Palestinians and their children. Spouses who did not hold foreign citizenship were not allowed out.
One of them had an all-too-typical tale to tell of the Israeli terrorism of those who remain imprisoned:
"There is no water, no electricity, no medicine. It's hard to survive. Gaza is destroyed," Jawaher Haggi, a 14-year-old Palestinian American, said after crossing into Israel. She said her uncle was killed in an airstrike when he tried to pick up medicine for her cancer-stricken father, who later died of his illness.
Tzipi Livni claims "There is no humanitarian crisis in the Strip." I guess she hasn't talked to Jawaher Haggi about her uncle and father. The equally disgusting Condoleezza Rice talks about how Hamas has "held the people of Gaza hostage." No comment from her on what Israel is doing to the people of Gaza.

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