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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Israel's alternate reality

The latest figures say more than 1300 Palestinians were slaughtered by Israel during its war on Gaza. I haven't seen the breakdown of that figure, but when the figure was 1200, it included 415 children, 110 women and 115 elderly people.

Now along comes Israel with their alternate reality:

Approximately 500 Hamas militants were killed in the operation, Israeli estimates state, and...the IDF also killed hundreds of militants belonging to various armed factions and militias.
Pretty amazing how the IDF can not only identify an adult male as a "Hamas militant", but can even distinguish them from "militants belongs to various [other] armed factions." Also amazing how they didn't kill a single adult male who was a civilian, plus, I can only assume, they correctly identified some of those children, women, and elderly as Hamas militants as well.


By the way, I don't really believe this figure either, but Hamas claim that exactly 48 of their militants were killed. That seems hard to believe, but it surely is closer to the truth than the preposterous claims coming out of Israel.

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