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Saturday, January 03, 2009


Israeli genocide

Yesterday, Israel briefly opened the doors of the Gaza jail to let people with foreign passports to leave. Think about that. Israel claims it is trying to "defeat Hamas" (or whatever other language they use). If that's true, why didn't they let women and children, regardless of passport, leave? Since they seem to claim to know every person in Gaza who is "Hamas" (with their remarkable ability to identify all the dead as "Hamas" unless they're women or children, and their remarkable ability to distinguish "Hamas" from non-Hamas from hundreds of feet in the air), why didn't they let men who weren't "Hamas" (and there certainly are such men in Gaza) leave?

There's only one explanation for requiring all Palestinians to stay in Gaza, where they are now in the cross-fire, if not the direct targets, of Israel's vicious invasion. Genocide. Israel wants as many Palestinians as possible dead. And there's one word for targeting people based not on their status but on their race. Genocide.

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